Wednesday, January 5, 2011

PARIS DAY 5 - Last day of 2010

Quick trip to Chatelet Les Halles and then grocery shopping in Charonne for our new years eve dinner. The food was great thanks to our top chef Tuni and after desert and toasting we headed to Gibus to celebrate the last day of 2010. Must say this was the best new years ever, funny how some things just come to you and I realized last year has been the best one so far. I'm so looking forward to 2011!

The music at
Gibus couldn't have been better and when the night was over we bumped into some really crazy french guys outside the club who would not stop speak french with us even if we said we didn't speak their language (well, have to admit I played a bit stupid since I know a bit of french. We really just wanted to get rid of them). Finally one of them said two scentences in english that made our night. We laughed all the way home, at the table and in the bed, guess now I can say I've laughed to sleep.

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