Monday, November 29, 2010

Oriental Revolution

White Flag, new single out by Gorillaz featuring Kano Bashy and The Lebanese National Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music!



Akatsuki Crew organized a DOPE jam last Friday, the vibe was amazing! The 7 to smoke hip hop battle was on fire and I have never gotten so tired from dancing ever. Got back my joy for dancing again.. I'm back!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Armand Van Helden + A-Trak = Duck Sauce

Can't believe two of the best dj's made such an annoying song, but damn I can't help LOVING it anyway!!! And not to mention the video YES!


After a year in New York, adjusting to the american accent you can't do anything else than love it. Since I came back home to Gothenburg I enjoy every second I get to speak english with a foreign person. Wendy and I just talked about this the other day and guess what I listened to instead of my Ipod on the tram today? This huge man (for sure from Brooklyn) just made my day! He even said "aks" instead of "ask"! Sounds silly but it hasn't gone a day and I haven't thought about the city since I came home. I miss it. I miss the poeple. I miss the dance classes. I miss performing. I miss having conversations with complete strangers on the train. I miss getting to know a new person everyday. I miss looking up to the sky and smile every time I realized I was actually there.

Guess ima just have to deal with it and do my best while I'm home, but I hope it wont be long..


Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager

New album out!
Kid Cudi

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sometimes monotonic can be good

Video directed by Nathalie Canguilhem

U are missed!

Our third Timbo member flew back to New York.


Express Yourself in Stockholm

Gothenburg Championship

Next up is WIN OR LOSE on Friday and Street Challenge #2 in Oslo on Saturday, looking forward to this weekend!

Typographic Ballet

I've been craving for a trip to Berlin for a long time now to check out the art scene and experience it in my older years, you know it's not the same thing when you went there 12 years ago with you family. However, I checked out some new exhibitions in the city and found this project named MADE Typographic Ballet by Brooklyn based Ebon Heath featuring some other great people like Talib Kweli. It's inspiring, different and just amazing!

".. being free. Do what the fuck you wanna do and make your dreams come true. That's what this is about." - Ebon Heath


Madvillainy by Madvillain
Mc - Doom
Beats - Madlib

Circle De Soleil

These beautiful photos above are from Wings by Veronique Vial, a book capturing the artists from Circle De Soleil.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Those Pants



Video directed by Special Problems

Flying Lotus is my new drug.
His latest album Cosmogramma made me feel and move like never before, this man can't be from this planet for sure.


The only thing that's keeping me alive through this dull and icecold weather (oh yeah, it's already WINTER in Gothenburg and I'm freezing to death despite layers of clothes!) is that soon, very soon me and my girls are leaving to Paris for New Years Eve! Can't wait to breathe some "french" air lol and just enjoy life in a beautiful city while I'm eating the most delicious crepes. Finally, I'll be there and this time with the whole NYC fam!

Julia and I in Paris last year.

"You're not me, but you're kind of me" - Leslie Arfin

I randomly bought a book from Yellow Rat Bastards book sale earlier this year and yesterday I finished it, wondering why on earth I had been wating so long to open it. It's not the relating part that had me amazed by this book. No, you're just gonna love the way it's written, the choise of words and the smashing punchlines YES!

From what began as a column in Vice Magazine which Lesley Arfin would take an old diary entry from her messy high school and college days, and then write an update 10 years later, Dear Diary was published as a book.

KOBRA meets M.I.A

I must say, M.I.A is one of the most intelligent artists nowadays. Check this out!