Thursday, November 25, 2010


After a year in New York, adjusting to the american accent you can't do anything else than love it. Since I came back home to Gothenburg I enjoy every second I get to speak english with a foreign person. Wendy and I just talked about this the other day and guess what I listened to instead of my Ipod on the tram today? This huge man (for sure from Brooklyn) just made my day! He even said "aks" instead of "ask"! Sounds silly but it hasn't gone a day and I haven't thought about the city since I came home. I miss it. I miss the poeple. I miss the dance classes. I miss performing. I miss having conversations with complete strangers on the train. I miss getting to know a new person everyday. I miss looking up to the sky and smile every time I realized I was actually there.

Guess ima just have to deal with it and do my best while I'm home, but I hope it wont be long..


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