Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Le Premeier Jour á Paris

Quoting my beloved friend Leticia "Girls, sometimes I wonder if it's leagal to have so much fun like we have. Really, we laugh over the top to much!!!" She's so right! I feel so lucky to have such amazing friends and a week in Paris made me think of the life we lived in New York again. Paris was a party, a seven day-long one!!!

We arrived in Paris and found our friend Xi-Er at the bus stop from Beauvais, and luckily there was no snow in the city! Getting our luggage to Charonne was a mess since we had to transfer one time and all you who knows Paris is familiar with the million of stairs underground. The apartment we rented was perfect, sometimes you just gotta believe in fate. First thing we did was to change and go to a restaurant in Jaures called WAKO, which Julia and I remembered from last time we were there. Japanese food and delicious soy felt so good after a long day.

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