Saturday, December 25, 2010


Spent my day at home watching Harry Potter and packing for Paris, short trips are always the hardest since you can't regret what you have brought on the night you're going out. I managed to get most of my things down though. I'm so looking forward to start my new year in another city and Monday it's off. I also checked out some guides and found a personal guide by my favourite parisian and artist Fafi, def gonna try to visit some places she recommended and also hunted down some adresses of where you can find her art. This one, paris.unlike is also a really good site if you're visiting the city.

Hoping to find this wall at Point éphémére! Photo via Fafi.

Ending this post with a little summary of 2010.

SONG Hard one but Tightrope by Janelle Monae and Crown On the Ground by Sleigh Bells is def two favorites.

Alejandro by Lady Gaga

ALBUM A lot of great albums this year but if I have to choose one it's New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh by Erykah Badu.


BOOK I've been really bad at reading this year

MOVIE Guilty again, haven't seen a lot of movies but I remember laughing my ass off on Sex and the City 2

TV SHOW Glee!!!

DRINK Banana Chocholate Shake from Westway Diner, NYC

BEST BUY Did a lot of good shopping this year, two favorites is my orange Nike by NYLON kicks and my Keith Haring dress from the Patricia Fiend Store.

BLOG Absolutely same as last year Decida Style and I love the new site 2faced1!

I developed a lot as a dancer, person and friend. Lke I said before, this is for sure one of the best years in my life and I leard that if you really want something nothing is impossible. I got to work with one of my favorite choreographer in New York, the amazing Dana Foglia.

TRIPS My one-year stay in New York will always be the best trip, I had a blast in Miami too!

Disregarded from the Erykah Badu concert I will always remember the day Moncef, Julia, Wendy, Tuni and I had dinner at Moncef's place in Williamsburg and watched the sunset from the roof, beautiful view with my best friends. Also I will never forget Lajon's dance class at BDC when he did a combo to Stop the Party with Busta Rhymes and Swizz Beats, damn I felt that!!!

GOALS FOR 2011 Oh, I have so many goals for next year! Quoting Brooklyn Industries; "Live Work Create"

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